Recent clients of tarot, astrology, and sortilege services have had some good things to say!

“The reading was extremely insightful. I have to say, I was so taken aback, I needed some time to sort through it. You really touched on everything I needed and picked up on a lot of truth surrounding the situation. You gave me quite a lot of insight into my question that I didn’t even know that I needed. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.”


- S. N.

“Everything truly resonated in this beautiful and emotional reading. Thank you for guiding me to understanding what might be best for me to do and not just telling me what to do.”


- M. N.

“Honestly, my mind is blown!”

- D.E.

“I was absolutely blown away. My reading was filled with insight, extremely helpful, and was quite a value! I will absolutely be recommending you.”


- R. E.

“Wow—amazing reading! My question was pretty vague to begin with but you answered it and clarified it 100%! I am so pleased with the reading and how it resonated. I loved how it was set up and explained, and there was an insightful balance to the spread itself.”


- L. T.