My commitment to you is to perform the tarot, astrology, or sortilege service you have purchased to the best of my ability with the aim to have you completely satisfied by the time we finish. I will show up on time for virtual or in-person services, or spend more than adequate time on any written services. I will be fully present, with any extraneous baggage left outside my reading space. For the duration of the time it takes to perform your service I am here to listen to you and your needs.

Your commitment to me is to approach your service prepared with questions and some level of understanding of your situation so that we can dive in and try to more fully explore it. You will come at the service with honesty and a clear and open mind. Your inquiries will be authentic, and relate to your life or experience. This is to say, I am not here to “prove I am psychic” or any other hoops that readers are often tasked at jumping through, nor will I perform any services with the intent to “spy” on a third party.

Payment will be collected before any services are performed. Any changes to this will be recorded in writing for both your and my records in the event any charges are disputed.

Refunds will not be given unless I am unable to complete the service for any reason, or I deem it appropriate or necessary. If you are unhappy with the quality of your service I will do everything within reason and scope of the service purchased to make sure by the end of our interaction you are satisfied.

Please note, this covers the quality of the service, not its content. If you need anything clarified, or if you have questions about the reading itself, or need further information on something I have said or written, please ask. I don’t claim to be a mind reader, and I want you to be happy with what you have paid to receive.


This does not mean that I will perform another service free of charge because you need more information, or because you did not like the content of the service. For instance, if you want to know when your ex is coming back and the answer is never, you don’t get your money back, nor do you get another reading free of charge to ask more about it. (This is meant to be a silly example, but you’d be surprised...)


Please be assured that each service I perform, as well as who my clients are, is kept completely confidential. Under no circumstances are any details of who you are, what services you purchase, or what we discuss disclosed with anyone at all. Ever. Not even my partner or friends know, even anonymously, who comes to me or why, and I take this trust very seriously. Should I want to use any feedback as testimonial I always make sure this is okay beforehand, and I never use a client’s full name or identifying information.

Finally, all services I provide are done so for entertainment purposes only. Personally, I believe these services to be wonderful aides in helping us to connect with our higher selves, examine possible futures, etc.; however, I am in no way legally responsible or liable for any outcomes of this service or your decisions or actions that result from any services I have performed.