I began reading tarot when I was sixteen years old, twenty-some-odd years ago. On a school field trip to New York, I left the group and went exploring on my own (sorry, mom, not sure I ever told you that).


I ended up wandering into a metaphysical or new age shop but honestly couldn’t tell you the name. It may have been Enchantments, I might have been in that area. Or possibly the Magickal Childe. I guess that part isn't important.


Regardless, while I was kneeling, bent down looking at who-knows-what on the bottom shelf, a small, yellow box fell on my head. A woman quickly rushed over and told me that I had to buy it now. I wasn’t sure if I had broken something, or if this was some kind of marketing scheme and she was just trying to move some product that hadn’t been selling. She explained, though, that the deck had “chosen me” and that I really should pay attention when those things happen. 

Maybe it had. Or maybe a passing subway train shook things just right, who knows. I do know, though, that moment changed my life forever. It’s nice to think that perhaps it held some meaning. (This reminds me of a quote from Ronald Dahl, “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”)


with a little bit of magic, so why not?


Now, more than twenty years later, I’ve done countless readings for others, read literally hundreds of books on the subject, been to tarot conferences across the country, volunteered as a reader with the American Tarot Association, been certified as a Biddy Tarot reader (Nothing but five-star reviews, too. Sure, I’ll toot my own horn, but honestly certification really doesn't mean much, aside perhaps from showing a certain level of dedication and passion.)... and so on.


This is all to say, I am a lifelong student of the tarot.


I still have my original deck of cards (along with hundreds more), and although I have followed them as they've lead down many other weird and wonderful rabbit holes (astrology, numerology, kabbalah, other divination systems, etc), tarot will always be my first love.